Paddling health benefits

There is no denying that paddling, such as kayaking, canoeing, and SUP, is good for you. The health benefits of paddling include releasing the stresses of the week, or working your heart a little without overdoing it.

There are many reasons paddling is good you for, but here are our top nine health benefits of paddling to show you what you are missing. You may also want to check out our 10 Reasons Paddling Is Good For Your Mental Health blog here.

Nine top health benefits of paddling

  1. It’s a low impact activity. This means that even if your joints are weak paddling will help you benefit from aerobic fitness, strength building, and greater flexibility. Don’t risk wear and tear on your joints and tissues, go paddling.
  2. Get social. It offers you the opportunity to find new friends. Many people go paddling in groups.
  3. Even during a relaxing paddle down the Wye stopping of for a picnic you can burn calories. You can burn hundreds of calories an hour paddling.
  4. Paddling helps improve mental health and helps lower stress levels.
  5. It helps improve core strength and stability. Some benefits of a stronger core are it helps prevent or reduce back pain, helps improve balance, and enhances mobility.
  6. Even the most leisurely paddle will give you a good aerobic work-out.
  7. Age is no barrier. Paddlers continue to paddle way into their 80s and beyond.
  8. Paddling is inclusive. It offers opportunities for people with disabilities, their friends and their families.
  9. Helps reclaim family time. Chuck the screen and get onto the water. Paddling helps unplug your kids from the internet and offers parents the chance regain some lost family time.